Monday, 3 December 2007

Want the low down on Thomson Elite 3E?

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What is Elite 3E?

Launched in April 2006, Elite 3E is an advanced browser-based business optimisation platform that offers powerful core financial and practice management features, including built-in collaboration, automation and a rapid application development environment (Software Factory) in one integrated high-performance system. Elite 3E uniquely empowers law firms to create the processes they want and need as opposed to requiring firms to follow rigid, preset processes.

Independent view of 3E?

By all accounts the people demo-ing or using this product are impressed with the capability and change-ability.

What are people moaning about? You have to throw your current Thomson Elite stuff away and start again.

What do Thomson Elite say about this? "Software code has come on so much in the last few years we couldn't work with legacy code any more. It was time to move on."

Who’s buying 3E?

Al Tamimi & Co., one of the largest law firms in the Middle East selected 3E. With a diverse client base ranging from international banks, trading establishments, charity organisations and multi-national corporations, the firm needed a flexible system that would extract specific data for strategic planning and other activities.

The corporate stuff: Law firms across three continents have adopted Elite® 3E as their next-generation financial and practice management software. As the client list continues to grow, Thomson Elite maintains its aggressive development of 3E.

The pitch: “3E’s sophisticated capabilities and flexible platform set the new standard in advanced technology that can be deployed by legal and professional services firms to improve their efficiency and competitiveness,” said Jitendra Valera, international vice president, Thomson Elite. “Solving the complexities of conducting business on a global scale is a hallmark of 3E. It’s exciting to see both new clients and longtime Elite Enterprise users leading the way in adoption of this innovative platform.”

What are clients saying? “We are very impressed with Elite 3E for both the investment and thought that has gone into its development,” said John Matthews, the firm’s financial manager. “We are confident that it is the right solution and provides the flexibility needed for a practice of our range and ambition.” Al Tamimi & Co.

Whats new? 3E Collections Offers New Action Calendar and Control Panel. The Control Panel provides collections managers unlimited flexibility in determining how overdue invoices can be aggregated, assigned, scheduled and collected.

Additional new v.2.0 features include the following:

A smart tag feature that allows users working in Microsoft Word documents to quickly navigate to the appropriate 3E screen by using recognized terms that are already set up in 3E (such as client or matter name).

Built-in auditing tools that can be turned on, as needed, to monitor 3E activities, such as timekeeping and client or matter contact changes.

Data-level security that allows record owners to hide sensitive matter files from designated users to avoid conflict of interest.

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